What we do

Aut Aut user the latest in proven social and contextual web technologies to allow our clients to get closer to their industry, their employees, their partners and their customers.

  • c.Socialsolutions make communication and collaboration easier and more enjoyable
  • b.Socialsolutions enable repeatable, optimized business processes which delight all participants.

b.Social Solutions

New levels of business effectiveness

The powerful tools and techniques of the social and contextual web are not limited only to the consumer space.

Our b.Social Solutions use these techniques to enable unheard of efficiency and transparency in the B2B portion of our client's ecosystems.

Document and process managment, Customer Relationship Managment, and Knowledge Managment are some of the areas where b.Social solutions can turbocharge your business.

c.Social Solutions

Engaging your audience

Our c.Social solutions bridge the gap between business, brands and orginizations and their audiences. Its more than just "getting on Facebook", its about using the entire social and contextual web to engage your customers.

We build fast, usable web ecologies for our customers which brings them closer to all members of their business ecosystem.

Of course, consumers need access from all of their devices, and in all situations.

Click here for more information on our c.Social Platform, success stories, and how you can get started with your own c.SocialSolution.

Document and Process Mngmnt

Forest and Trees.

The amount documents and records which are key to businesses grows every year, and more and more directors, managers, employees, and authorities expect instant access to all of them.

Our Document/Records management and process solutions allow our customers to gain complete control over all records created within and recieved by their organization.

Beyond just control and storage, our solutions offer flexible workflows and collaboration features that make approving, publishing and collaborating on all kinds of documents a delightfull process.

You will wonder how you ever survived without it.

Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

iOS Android Windows

Anywhere, anytime....

Aut Aut develops solutions which are built from the ground up to be used on all devices that your customers and partners use.

Whether they are using a desktop or laptop computer, iPad, Android Tablet, iPhone, or Android smartphone, you will have them covered.

Since our solutions are designed from the ground up to be responsive (fancy word for works everywhere), you can reach everyone everywhere, without incuring extra costs.

Google Apps

Brining it all together

What if the tools you used every day to create offers, write emails, schedule appointments, calculate prices could all talk to each other?

What if all of those tools were web based and required no installation?

What if you never ever (ever ever ever) lost another file again?

Well.. then you would be one of our Google Apps customers. GApps acts as the glue which allows our customers to always be in touch with their business, and always be one step ahead of the (so-called) competition.

How do we do it?

Aut Aut focuses on Open Source and Open standards web technology to deliver cost-efficent, productive solutions.

Look right to see the products/frameworks/technologies that we use to delight our customers (and ok, we admit it, ourselves too.)

HTML5, Javascript and CSS3

HTML5 CSS3 javascript

OK, and a bit of PHP too ...

We focus on web technologies that use standards to encourage huge, active and innovative hordes of developers. This allows us to bring the most cutting edge functionality to our clients in the shortest amount of time.

Creating custom solutions which look good, are easy to use and work at light speed, isn't easy, but we do it every day. No page refreshes, data which is returned in the blink of an eye, and a User Experience (UX) which just feals "right" is what we deliver.

Only the best

MongoDb Nginx Node.js New Relic

Powerfull server technologies

When hosting our solutions in our redundant, load-balanced, high-performance cloud, we use the latest in groundbreaking technologies promoted by our friends at Google, Facebook, Twitter, et al.

This brings unparalleled speed, security and usabiltiy to all of our solutions.

The Google Ecosystem.

Google Apps

A good partner to have.

Our extensive experience with the wide variety of Google's business and developer tools is yet an other key advantage to delivering amazing solutions quickly.

Along with Google Apps for Work, the core productivity suite in our soltions, we use Google Maps, Google AdWords, Google Apps Script, and a myriad of world leading API's and toolsets.

DI and BI Tools

From chaos, order...

Our toolset for Data Integration (DI)and Business Intelligence (BI) includes Talend, an almost magical tool for ingesting a huge array of possible data sources ranging from text files to web pages, and organizing the data to be able to be analyzed, mined and reported.

We use both Relational (MySQL) and Object (MongoDb) databases to for the storage of the cleansed data.

Integration with Google Apps makes reporting a joy for the end user, with a web based spreadsheet interface at our fingertips.

Strange question?

We dont think so. We believe that the emerging technologies of the past and future decade hold and enourmous amount of promise for our little corner of the world. The gains in effeciency, innovativeness and flexibility that we can bring our clients can have a direct and palpaple effect on the development of this region and beyond.

The tools and technologies that we use and love bring solutions that used to be only in the reach of a handfull of the worlds largest companies are available to every business in our region.

We deeply beleive in this mission, and it is what keeps us going every data.

We hope your organization will join us on this historic journey.

Who we are

Aut Aut is a team of internet and business technology fanatics who work everyday to improve today's state of the art in web, social and mobile technologies.

We live, breath and eat this stuff.

The solutions we dream about bring ourselves and our clients to new levels of efficiency, wisdom and excellence.

We ROCK. 'nuf said.

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